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This is our FAQ.  We tried to think of all the questions you might have, but if we missed something just let us know and we will add it! 

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Who funds this research?

PIGMENT is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse to carry out this research study. All the data that we collect for this study is specifically for research purposes.


Is my data kept private?

Yes! We go through a lot of training and effort to protect your privacy and keep all your data confidential and safe. We will assign your family a code number ("111111", "489573", etc) instead of using your name or address or other things that identify you. We password protect files, store files behind a firewall, etc. 

Your study data and identity will be safe
Filling Out a Form


Can we learn about the results?

Yes! As we collect data, we will begin to analyze the data and look for patterns and associations. Then, we hope to publish summaries of results in peer-reviewed academic journals. We will add a page to this website that links to papers that we publish. 


Can I get an picture of my brain from the MRI?

Yes! We will send you a picture of your brain if you'd like a picture

Brain Scans
MRI Scan Image


Do you use contrast agents with the MRI?

No! This MRI is for research purposes and does not use contrast agent or radiation. Our MRI is completely painless and non-intrusive. 


How do I prepare for the MRI?

We will send you more detailed instructions before the MRI, but there's no need to fast or prepare in any way. For the MRI, you need to lay still for about an hour, so avoid caffeine that morning. The most important thing is that you dress comfortably (e.g., gym clothing) without metal (e.g., no zippers).

CT Scan
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